Walovich Architects Group is an Architecture and Construction firm with over one hundred years of combined experience in architectural design and construction consulting. The firm provides a wide array of comprehensive professional services for residential, commercial and industrial projects throughout California. The firm specializes in assessing construction defects and providing litigation support on a full range of project types including multi-family residential projects, custom homes, churches, retail and office spaces, healthcare facilities, hotels, research and development facilities, schools, etc.
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Evidence Is Only As Good As The Experts Who Gather It

Construction Defect Expert Witness Consultants

Fred Walovich

Principal Architect, General Contractor, President of W+A

Fred is the lead architect, general contractor and president of Walovich Architects Group. He began his career as a draftsman in a small Visalia, CA architectural firm. After getting his degree in Architecture from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, in 1980, Fred worked at numerous Southern California architectural firms. For 12 years, Fred sharpened his skills as an architect, construction manager, and project manager. In 1992 he began managing construction litigation field investigations for a Sonoma, CA architectural firm. Here Fred found his niche. He continued in construction litigation support-building his knowledge, approach, and reputation in this specialized field-over the next seven years.

In 1999 Fred opened his own firm, W+A. He has built up a diverse team of architects, planners, engineers, construction managers, and contractors to ensure that his firm has the in-house expertise for any type of construction investigation and reconstruction project.

Fred is personally involved in every project that comes through the door. He oversees construction damage investigations and assessments, code compliance reviews, cost estimates, and remedial repair design and reconstruction. Many of W+A clients have come to value Fred not only for his architectural and construction expertise, but also for his skill and poise as an expert witness. Fred presents cases clearly, forcefully, and he remains unflappable, even in the face of aggressive or tricky cross-examination.

“Many years in this field have taught Fred that the only loyalty he must maintain is to the evidence. No matter who he is working for-plaintiff or defense-Fred approaches each project with an open mind. His reports and testimonies do not contain conjecture or speculation-they depend solidly on the empirical evidence uncovered at the site.”

Walovich Architects Group