Walovich Architects Group is an Architecture and Construction firm with over one hundred years of combined experience in architectural design and construction consulting. The firm provides a wide array of comprehensive professional services for residential, commercial and industrial projects throughout California. The firm specializes in assessing construction defects and providing litigation support on a full range of project types including multi-family residential projects, custom homes, churches, retail and office spaces, healthcare facilities, hotels, research and development facilities, schools, etc.
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Community & Homeowner Association Services

Community & Homeowner Association Services

Managing individual properties and common areas often takes more time than owners can give. Over time services from contractors may decrease in quality, defects may go undetected. Unfortunately, this decreases property values.  Walovich Architects Group offers a variety of Community & Home Owner Association Services including maintenance programs, repairs, improvements and representation to ensure owners investments remain on track and continue to grow.

Extending the life of a building and increasing property value through routine preventative measures should be the primary goal of any community or homeowner association. Small investments now can lead to large cost benefits. We work with HOA’s to develop maintenance programs by conducting a thorough inspection of the property to identify key areas of concern. We then meet with on site managers and owners to discuss repairs, replacement, budgets and timelines. Lastly, we create a maintenance program the covers all agreed upon options and ensure follow through.

We represent home owner associations interests during reconstruction projects both large and small. We know HOA’s want to ensure a high quality of life to owners within their multi residential establishments. Reconstruction projects from settlements can bog down and leave the owners out to hang. We work on behalf of associations to quickly determine scope of work necessary, hire the proper construction services and maintain a schedule with the contractor so owners can return to their normal lives.

Our Tiered Support Services is as follows:

Project Assessment and Field Investigation:

Defning the parameters for our professional services and preparing a budget prior to commencing work on the project.

Utilizing a systematic process for collection facts and forming and testing hypothesis.

Evaluation of Information and Report Writing:

Communication our findings through accurate, comprehensive, convincing written reports and oral presentations.

Evaluating and summering an appropriate level of data. Choose from a concise letter of findings to more in-depth report including comprehensive data analysis, recommended repairs and cost estimates.

Settlement Process

Developing fair and defensible opinions on the standard of care issues
associated with construction and architectural design issues. These opinions
are based on our experience with designing, constructing and repairing buildings.

Deposition and Trial Testimony

Our consultants pride themselves on their professionalism, understanding of the issues, and being well prepared. Providing fact driven evidence to support our expert opinions allows us to maintain our credibility and integrity with a jury and a judge.

Services Offered to Community & Home Owner Associations Include:

  • Maintenance Program and Budget Guideline
  • Review, Assess and Update Current Maintenance
  • Litigation and Post-Litigation Support
  • Repair and Improvement Recommendations